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We abide by" The Code of Ethics "of The Doberman Pinscher Club of America........ We do not condone or support the breeding of the white/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation...........HE IS YOUR FRIEND,YOUR DEFENDER, YOUR PARTNER, YOUR DOG....YOU ARE HIS LIFE, HIS LEADER. HE WILL BE FAITHFUL AND TRUE ,YOURS TO HIS LAST BREATH AND BEAT OF HIS HEART...YOU OWE IT TO HIM TO BE WORTH OF SUCH DEVOTION...

My name is Deborah Weller and I have been involved in the world of the doberman for over thirty years.I was very fortunate to have the late Ellen Hoffman of Elfred Dobermans  located in Harriman my friend and mentor and one of  my sponsors for membership with the DPCA...

When breeding it is not my first goal to produce show dogs, rather my primary focus is to breed dobermans that are sound in mind and body. Temperament and health are the utmost importance when we plan a litter. All necessary health testing is done before planning for our litters and re-tested yearly if dogs are a labor of love .. I have no kennels my dober-kids are my family members and are treated as such they live inside our home and share in our everyday lives.

This breeding program has resulted in dobermans that are healthy and highly trainable, making excellent working dogs and companions while still adhering to the doberman standard.

Ro-Mays dobermans are excellent family companions, therapy dogs, N.Y.S.Certified Search and Rescue dogs, and show in the AKC/UKC Conformation rings and the AKC Obedience ring.

My goal is for continuous improvement in health and structure of the doberman breed.

I am a member of the" Doberman Pinscher Club of America " since" 2005 " and" The Monticello Kennel Club."   

Address: Kerhonkson, NY

For puppy inquiries, please call me or text me at 845-240-0215....Home phone # is 845 626 3258 or by emailing......







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